Thursday, July 7, 2011

Corner-time for Hubby

Funny that I just posted a few days ago about ways I punish my hubby. He’s downstairs as I write this with his nose inches from the corner after I just reddened his derriere with my wooden paddle. I know I said I usually use the cane when he’s been disobedient but we’re still getting back into the flow of things and I don’t think he’s ready yet for the dreaded cane.

Why is he being punished? He opened my mail. Technically it wasn’t mail but it was a sealed card that accompanied a lovely bouquet of flowers. He said he wanted to see who sent them because he thought they might have been from a relative (a likely story). The flowers and the lovely card were from a male friend. This friend and I have a history together that goes back to 2005. We’ve not been in touch since 2009. I ran into him this weekend when I was out with my sisters.

My husband knows better. It wasn’t just the opening of my card that got him in trouble. He had a bit of a ‘tude’. We have a ways to go to get back to where we need to be. I ordered him to get my paddle and after a hard, firm spanking he is being further punished with corner-time and he will stay there until I send him to bed. But first, after I finish on the computer, he will have to endure listening to me talking with my male friend as I told him to call me tonight around 10p.m. This should be good training and after I make him listen to my side of the conversation for 10 or 15 minutes, I will send him to bed so I can talk more freely. I’m excited.


  1. He really deserved a severe punishment for what he did. Opening your mail is a real offense to your female authority.

  2. OMG! i would be beaten black and blue if i had the cheek to touch her mail