Saturday, July 30, 2011

A date with myself

It’s Saturday and I need a “me” day. Chase called me twice this week and he wants to see me again this weekend. James has been all lovey dovey since his strap-on session the other night. He wants to spend the day with me. And an old male “friend” contacted me this week. He’s going to be in the DC area and wanted to know if we could hook up. My, aren’t I the popular one?

Sorry boys. No can do. I am going to spend the afternoon and evening alone, shopping. There is a pleasant town an hour north of where I live and they have a nice shopping mall and some outlets. I called a girlfriend to see if she wanted to come with me but she had other plans. Just as well. I like shopping alone because I can take my time and browse without worrying about the other person. I thought about taking James and having him be my personal shopping servant but I need some things done around the house. So his day will consist of cleaning the house and doing laundry.

James looked like a lost puppy when I told him the news. I didn’t want to leave him like that so I had him lay across my lap and I gave him a sensual but still firm bare hand spanking while I instructed him on his list of chores for the weekend. Then I took off my panties and had him put them on. That will be a nice reminder to him that I am in charge even when I’m not here to supervise.

I’m not sure what I’ll get into tonight but it’s another hot one and usually after a day (and evening) of shopping I’m in the mood to just chill. I’m sure I’ll need my feet rubbed tonight and maybe a massage will be in order.

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  1. Once again you have put James in his place with little effort on your part. I'm sure he is gragteful, as you have actually done him a favor by placing him back into his submissive state with your self -confidence and direct action. He must realize your wants are paramont and he's acting selfish when he broods that his needs aren't met.