Friday, July 8, 2011

Kathleen meets Whip Girl

I almost forgot about this little FemDom adventure from my past. I was going through my FemDom book and magazine collection and I came across some old copies of DDI magazine. In the one magazine I had marked an ad by a DC Mistress who went by the name ‘Whip Girl’. Her full name is Vendela Zane and in doing a quick search on the internet I see she’s still around cracking her whip. She now lives in the Scranton, PA area but back in the late 90’s she was in Washington DC and then she moved to Baltimore.

I can’t remember which year it was for sure, either 1999 or 2000, but I remember it was in the spring because it was around my husband’s birthday. My experience in 1998 with Mistress Morgan in Pittsburgh was so much fun I decided to take my hubby to visit another professional Mistress. This time it would be a surprise for his birthday. I chose to take him to DC and I must have searched this issue of DDI magazine to find one. I selected Ms Zane because I loved her scene name ‘Whip Girl’. I contacted her and set up the appointment.

Her dungeon was in a big house in a very nice, upper class neighborhood in a DC suburb located in Virginia. The neighborhood made for a perfect surprise because nobody would have suspected that inside this nice home would be room after room full of bondage furniture and equipment. I told James that we were going to see an old friend of mine. We rang the doorbell and you should have seen his face when the leather attired Whip Girl opened the door.

Ms Zane had a completely different look than Mistress Morgan. Both were beautiful women. I would classify Morgan as a sophisticated and eloquent Mistress. Whip Girl was a modern Mistress with the tattoos and the body piercings and a bit of a cocky attitude. I loved her immediately.

I gave her a tribute for a ninety minute session. She spent at least two and half hours with us. She had a ball with my subby hubby and I sat back and was immensely entertained. She placed him in bondage, she teased him, she performed c/b torture on him, she humiliated him and obviously she showed us why she was known as Whip Girl. She whipped my husband with a variety of crops, canes and whips and while she was whipping him she would ask me if he was an obedient husband or not? I told her he could improve in doing more of the housework, so Whip Girl made sure to drive (or should I say whip) that point home to him.

Ms Zane had a marvelous sense of humor and she and I laughed so hard that day as she came up with creative ways to humiliate my husband. My favorite memory from this day was when she made my hubby into a human birthday cake. Seeing it was his birthday, she decided since she didn’t have a cake, she’d make one, and he would be that cake. She placed candles all over his body and lit them so the wax dripped onto his flesh. We sang happy birthday to him (very slowly) while he suffered and then we blew out the candles. It was a fun day and I can’t believe I almost forgot about it. Then again I had my share of wild FemDom experiences over the next decade to occupy my mind.

Funny how one memory will jog another memory. When I met Mistress Alex and her husband Steve from ClubFEM, one night I was sharing the tale of Whip Girl with them and Steve spoke up and told me that he was familiar with that house where Whip Girl had entertained us. Before he met Alex, he served a woman by the scene name of Mistress Ariel. The house belonged to Ariel and her husband and they held FemDom parties there in the late 90’s. According to Steve, Ariel moved and allowed some local Dommes, like Whip Girl, to use the place. But then Ariel sold the house which is why Whip Girl had to search for a new location.

I hope to share more blasts from my past in future posts. 

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