Sunday, July 10, 2011

Date night

To follow up on my post from Thursday, the gentleman I talked with over the phone (while hubby was being punished with corner-time) wants to take me out next Saturday night. We have a history that goes back to 2005 and I’m excited about seeing him again. This brings me back to the topic of cuckolding.

I’m going on a date with a male friend. I have no intentions on sleeping with him. What’s most important to me is that my hubby accepts my right to go out with whomever I want, and that includes me having the right to be intimate with whomever I want. That doesn’t mean I’m a Cuckoldress.

If you’ve been reading my blog you know that in the past I slowly trained my hubby to overcome his jealousy and his sense of entitlement when it comes to my body and my social life. This is fun for me because I love having this freedom. What I do with this freedom is my choice. I like going out with men but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m jumping in the sack with them. Should the mood strike me I may become intimate with a date, but intimacy can be dancing, flirting and kissing. It can also mean sex but it doesn’t have to and that’s up to me. It is not up to my husband.

The majority of the women I’ve met in this lifestyle do not cuckold their husbands and most of them don’t seem all that interested in it. I know that may disappoint submissive men reading this but a lot of women like monogamy. A lot of dominant women like monogamy. That’s why we got married in the first place.

I’ve also met my share of women who practice cuckolding in their marriage. Just look at the women who mentored me and it’s a split decision. As far as I know, Elise does not cuckold her husband. Mistress Alex from ClubFEM was against it. Elise’s friend Kay was way against it. On the other hand Mistress Dee, Hillary and Lilly cuckolded their husbands. I had many talks with Hillary about it.

What about me? Let me put it this way. I’ve been intimate with men other than my husband but how intimate is my secret. You know that I’ve dominated other men and I’ve allowed other men to perform oral sex on me. Intercourse is a major line and to some women it is a hard limit when it comes to cuckolding. I’m not comfortable saying if I’ve crossed this line or not because I don’t want other couples reading my blog and saying ‘Ms Kathleen does it so we should do it.’ That just doesn’t sit well with me.

I feel I'm responsible in how I conduct my social life. I feel liberated to be with other men but I am watchful about my actions. If the mood strikes me I don’t feel guilty about what I do and the best part is my husband is comfortable allowing me this freedom. What I do or don’t do on a date is not important. The fact that I’m on a date with another man gives me plenty opportunity to tease and humiliate my husband.

Next Saturday I will be on a date with a male friend and my hubby will be home in a chastity device working on his ‘hubby do’ list. I’ll probably have him help prepare me and dress me for my date. He loves doing this. And should I be intimate with my date (whatever that involves) I will share the details with him, which should make for a great D/s session between me and my husband.


  1. I think your attitude is right on the money, Kathleen, and I also think people should get less hung up on exactly what "intimacy" in these situations would mean. In any case the point is that your husband has to accept that you have the control in the relationship and he has no right to complain or be jealous of your enjoyment...whatever that entails.

  2. Life is hard for submissive hubbies!