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The mysterious Dr. Jane Foxx

In a previous post I talked about the challenges in finding like-minded FemDom couples. One of the lessons I learned through these experiences was that quite often it was the submissive husband who made the initial contact with me, pretending to be his wife. That kind of clued me in on what was going on out there. I wasted too much time corresponding with men who pretended they were women. I hope they got something out of it because I didn’t.
In another post I shared how I used to interview some of the women featured in “Predominant”. I wish I could say that every woman that contacted us was legit but that wasn’t the case. During the verification process we uncovered our share of ‘pretenders’ (to put it nicely). When it came time to get a phone number or schedule a meeting, all of a sudden the e-mails stopped and we knew we had been communicating with a man. Some of these guys went to great lengths to deceive us.
That brings me to the strange experience of the mysterious Dr. Jane Foxx. It was 2005 and we were putting together the March issue of Predominant. Hillary was interviewed in January and I was interviewed in February. Lilly was planning on being interviewed in March but Elise had been communicating with a woman who was anxious to be interviewed so she could plug her books at the same time. Her name was Dr. Jane Foxx (she claimed to have a Ph. D. in Educational Philosophy) and she donated her latest novel “Females in Control” to Predominant. We were still new so having an erotic and well written piece of FemDom fiction to add to the e-zine was a big plus.
Jane Foxx said she lived in the Columbus, Ohio area so Elise asked me if I would handle the interview and the verification process. Jane kept coming up with excuses as to why she couldn’t meet me but she said she was more than willing to be verified over the phone. We were running up against a deadline so I agreed. I talked with her and was satisfied so we ran her interview in Predominant along with a few chapters from her novel. All seemed kosher.

However, a few months later Jane Foxx began writing me. She sent me copies of some of her books and she wanted to communicate. I was in the middle of a lot of stuff in 2005 so I didn’t really have the time but whenever she would write I would reply back out of common courtesy. Then she began to make strange requests. She wanted to exchange videotapes of us dominating men. She actually mailed me a video of her dominating one of her clients. It was very hardcore stuff and you could tell it was an amateur production. In return she wanted me to mail her a videotape of me dominating my husband. She said we could wear masks to hide our faces (on her videotape the woman and the man were wearing masks).
Naturally I declined. There was no way I was going to do this. Later that Fall all of us gals of Predominant met in Las Vegas. I told Elise about my dealings with Jane Foxx which made her suspicious. She told me not to communicate with her any more. Elise had her own doubts about Jane because she had made similar ‘strange’ requests of her. That is why Elise ended up running only the first two installments of Jane’s novel in Predominant. It was originally going to run the whole year but Jane’s unusual requests were a caution flag so Elise pulled the plug. In its place Elise began to run original fiction from well-known FemDom author Wayne C. Rogers. Elise and Wayne had been communicating with each other and he offered to contribute his work to the e-zine.
Then about a year later, Elise received an e-mail from a woman in Louisville, Kentucky. Elise knew her because she had interviewed her for her first book “Female Domination”. In 2002, when Elise was writing her book, this Mistress from Louisville was one of the few American women Elise found who had actually been to the Other World Kingdom. In 2006 the Louisville Mistress ordered the back issues of Predominant 2005 and came across our interview with Jane Foxx. The Louisville Mistress immediately contacted Elise. She said Jane was not what she appeared to be. Or, to be more exact, Jane was not what ‘he’ appeared to be.
She claimed that Jane Foxx was one of her former clients and he was a submissive male (she would not give his name). She said he was an intelligent man who was a college professor and he liked to write FemDom novels from the Mistress’ point of view. He created the character Jane Foxx in one of his earliest novels and he identified with her so much that he made her the author of the novel (and the many novels that were to follow). To market the books he posted on message boards, he advertised on websites where other reputable Dommes advertised, and he wrote more fiction that was heavy on lesbian FemDom encounters. His ads were accompanied by pictures of a petite redheaded Mistress holding a whip or wearing an outrageously long strap-on.

In doing research, we discovered that the Mistress on Jane’s book covers was a professional Dominatrix from Toronto, named Lady Domina.

I was flabbergasted. ‘How can that be?’ I said, ‘I talked to Jane Foxx over the phone.’

According to the Louisville Mistress, her former male client regularly paid professional Mistresses to pretend to be the fictitious Jane Foxx whenever someone requested to talk with her over the phone. He asked her to do this but she refused. But she said there were plenty of professional Mistresses in Columbus who would be more than willing if the money was right.

(After we came into this revelation, unless it was a high-profile Mistress with an impeccable reputation, we conducted all Predominant interviews in person.)

 ‘But who was the woman and the man on the video Jane sent me?’ That we don’t know for sure. The Louisville Mistress believed (without seeing the video) that he may have paid a professional Mistress to do an amateur video with one of her clients, and he then used that video to swap it for other videos with lifestyle couples.

Mystery solved, right? Probably, but I still can’t say with 100% accuracy. Jane Foxx resurfaced claiming that the Mistress from Louisville and other Dommes were trying to discredit her because a wealthy former client of the Louisville Mistress became one of Jane Foxx’s personal slaves. Jane admitted to using another Mistress’ pictures (Lady Domina from Toronto) but she said she did that because she didn’t want to jeopardize her job at the college where she taught. But now she is retired so she is free to use her ‘real picture’ on her books.

Who’s telling the truth? At this juncture in my life it doesn’t really matter to me but I’m inclined to believe the Louisville Mistress. She proved to be a reliable source and Elise personally vouched for her. 

Jane Foxx is still around selling books and if you ‘google’ the name you will find her (his) books (most are now e-books). For the record, my husband read all of the books Jane sent me and he said they were excellent. I only read one of her (his) books, “Female Whips ‘n Kisses”, and I must admit that I liked it. Jane Foxx is a talented writer and if you’re into hardcore lesbian FemDom you’ll probably enjoy her (his) books. Just be mindful that the author may very well be a man pretending to be a dominant lesbian.

Men masquerading as dominant women is nothing new. From what I’ve been told, men used to place personal ads in S&M magazines pretending to be Mistresses back as far as the 1970’s and 1980’s. They must have gotten a thrill receiving inquiries from fellow submissive men all over the world. I guess it fed their personal fantasies.

The internet makes this more common place and with all the role-playing, Sims games, avatars and anonymity of the internet, the gender lines easily get blurred. I guess it doesn’t really hurt anyone if on a blog or website someone pretends to be something other than they really are. I’m not condemning anybody who chooses to do this as long as their intent isn’t to defraud anyone. However, I feel the effect of this is a fantasy laden existence that actual dominant women can never live up to. It’s obvious that men do this because, in their minds, there aren’t enough authentic dominant women out there, hence they invent their own.

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