Sunday, August 21, 2011

ClubDom gets me in the mood

Not much to report on this weekend. I had a quiet non-eventful Saturday. I fooled around in my gardens (I have a flower garden and a tomato garden) while James attended to his weekend chores. He is in chastity and wearing my panties, of course, while he does his chores. I want to discipline him and had intended to do so last night but I was too tired after being out in the sun most the day.

I need some extra motivation so I was surfing the web today. I joined the site, “ClubDom” and watched several of their videos. Wow! Those women are real sadists. James could never endure whippings that brutal. The woman Brianna is gorgeous and you can tell by her facial expressions and body language that she loves to dominate men. The woman Jean also has that sadistic look. I watched this one video where Brianna and Jean were dressed in leather cat-suits and they used bullwhips on this male slave. They bound him on a St Andrews cross and whipped him until he had marks and welts all over his backside. Very, very brutal.

Definitely too extreme for me but watching these two women really getting into it got my juices flowing. I think tonight I will break out my whips and give James a discipline session that he will not soon forget. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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