Monday, August 22, 2011

Hubby's discipline session

Last night I had a deliciously deviant (yet loving) discipline session with my hubby. I borrowed from an idea I saw on a video clip by laying out 5 implements: a riding crop, a tawse, a leather strap, a Spencer paddle and a cane.

I dressed in a pair of leather pants and my leather halter top and ordered James into the bedroom. I explained to him the rules of my new game. There would be no warm-up. However, he got to choose the order in which I used the 5 implements of discipline on him. The first one he would receive 20, the next 16, the next 12, the next 8 and the last 4 very hard ones.

It was entertaining to watch him make his selections. I’ve used all of these on him in the past so he knew that they all can be quite painful. The psychology of having him chose his punishment really got inside his head. I could tell because he got an immediate erection. He chose to begin with the riding crop.

I had him lay across my mattress and I ordered him to count them out, starting at 20 and working backwards. I had him squirming by the time he reached 10. When he reached the number one, I reached my hand down to fondle his cock. It had gone completely limp. I, on the other hand, was getting very aroused.

I gave him a few minutes to recover before he had to choose the next implement. He chose the Spencer paddle.

I decided to go hard and fast with the paddle. James began his count at 16 but he couldn’t keep up and he lost count as his reciting of numbers turned into pleads of mercy. The Spencer paddle can have that effect on a slave. Because he lost count he probably endured twenty instead of sixteen. Oh well, his fault.

I gave him five minutes to recover before I made him chose the next implement. James selected the tawse.

None of his choices surprised me. In fact, I could have predicted his order with no problem. I know he really hates the cane, the strap and the tawse. Once again I made him count them out as I dished out 12 wicked slaps from the tawse. By this time I was getting very excited so I began to dole out some verbal abuse. In doing this, I was borrowing from what I had heard on the ClubDom video clips. I said things like “I told you it was going to hurt, Bitch”. And “take it, you bitch, you deserve to be punished, isn’t that right?”

I was having so much fun watching him squirm and wince. His ass was all red and a few bruises began to form. I took my hand and caressed his ass cheeks. They were on fire. “We’re almost done, just two more to go. Which one do you want next, the strap or the cane?”

James chose the strap and he grimaced because he knew this was not going to be enjoyable for him.

I took the strap and dished out eight, very slow and methodical wallops with the leather strap. James counted them out, beginning at 8 and working backwards to 1. His heavy breathing and the way he gripped the mattress with his hands left little doubt that he was finding his discipline to be quite a grueling experience. Poor baby!

We were now down to the last implement, the dreaded cane. I teased him by taking the cane and swishing it through the air, letting him anticipate what was about to befall him. I told him to brace himself as I placed my left hand on my hip and slowly drew back my right hand which was holding the cane. With a quick flick of my wrist, I brought it down across his already bruised ass. James practically jumped off the bed as he screamed out “One”.

I repeated this three more times and when the final cane struck its blow, I actually spotted a tear running down my hubby’s face. I had taken him to his limit and maybe just a tad over it. We have a safe word but he never used it. I was so proud of him for enduring this for me.

I was also extremely aroused so I quickly removed my leather outfit and ordered my beaten and broken hubby to orally worship my body. He found comfort at my breasts and he found contentment between my legs. It didn’t take me long as I climaxed very rapidly. But I wanted more so I ordered James to fetch my large black dildo and I had him pleasure me with it while he continued to suck my clit. The payoff was heavenly. I came again and this time it was even more intense.

James crawled up next to me and we cuddled until I feel asleep. It was a beautiful experience.


  1. I just love this game and will be enjoying it soon with my slave although my numbers will be 20, 16, 12, 10 and the last 8. Kathleen, Your blog is wonderful.
    Mistress Scarlet

  2. I am by nature submissive to members of the female sex, who I know are superior to us males. Strange as it may seem, I enjoyed being used by my sisters.

    In fact I was envious of them, as I myself always regretted not having been born female, at least that is since puberty.

    All that was a long time ago, and since then, I have a married a Dominant Woman who I am pleased to say treats me as my sisters did, and in fact still do whenever they visit us.

    Only now they are much more dominant, and as they know just how much I enjoyed being punished by them. They now make me beg for it by ordering me to get down on my hands and knees, crawl forward up to their feet, and kiss them repeatedly and say, "Please Mistress please beat me, I want so much for my pain to be your pleasure".

    Only when I have said this several times, do they say stop. I am then down into the cellar, where my wrists are fastened together, and secured to a steel hook attached to the ceiling.

    She then separates my feet and clamps them to the opposite ends of a short wooden beam, after which She covers my mouth with several strips of sticky tape.

    All this is done in complete silence. On the wall in front of me there are two large full length mirrors, so that I can see Her behind me as She punishes me. Which She does with a broad leather belt.

    Again this is done in total silence, She never said a single word, and I could not make any sound due to the gag. The only noise to be herd was the sound of the leather belt as it struck my flesh

    She took Her time, She was in no hurry. there was as much as ten seconds between each blow. After She has given a dozen or more strokes, She left once more for an unspecified time, before returning to continue my punishment which hurt a great deal.

    However, the knowledge that I was completely helpless, unable to move, and totally in Her power for as long as She liked, was joy unspeakable.

    When She at last released me, I knelt down in front of Her, to kiss Her feet, and thank Her profusely for what She Had done.

    Only when She said “That’s enough” did I stop.