Sunday, August 7, 2011


I’ve been exploring ‘objectification’ with my husband this week. In the evenings, after he’s cooked me dinner and finished washing the dishes, he joins me in the living room where I ‘objectify’ him. One night I used him as my foot stool as I relaxed and read a book. The next night I used him as my nightlight as he had to stand next to my chair and shine a light down on the book as I continued to read it. Then Friday night I used him as a human tray. He had to stand still and balance my drink and snacks on the tray he was holding while I watched a movie. I made him stand to the side but facing me so he couldn’t view the television which forced him to focus all of his attention on me. I should also point out that he was totally naked for all three of these evenings.

My inspiration for exploring ‘objectification’ was a series of pictures I came across.

I think these represent perfectly the concept of female supremacy and male servitude. I totally ignored my husband while he served me. I didn’t speak to him. The only time I recognized his existence was when he would shift his body or sigh as if he were becoming bored. When he did that, I picked up my crop and gave him a hard smack across his buttocks to remind him that he must concentrate and focus.

One interesting item of note is that James had an erection the entire time and at no time did he go limp. This told me everything I needed to know about how he felt about being treated as an inanimate object.

I don’t know how often I will treat him like this but in the future I would like to get some ‘toys’ to make the objectification more fun. I once reviewed the movie “Cuckold Husband” from the website ‘Divine Bitches’. In browsing the videos and pictures on that site I came across this picture.

An item like this would make the ‘human tray’ much more entertaining. I’m not sure where I could get something like that but I’ll have to look around.

Last night I had a date with Chase while hubby stayed home and did his chores. Nothing really to write about (that I care to share) but I had a wonderful night and hubby was extremely frustrated in his chastity device and wearing my panties while he did his chores knowing his wife was being wined and dined by another man.

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