Thursday, August 4, 2011

More memories from my FemDom past

I’ve been going through some old e-mails back when I communicated with Elise, Hillary and other dominant women. Here is one from 2001:

Hi Elise,

James did have a session with Brianna on Sunday. It went very well. She did everything I asked her to do. I gave her a very detailed e-mail of what I wanted done, and couldn't have been happier from what my husband tells me happened.
I gave James a decent spanking when he got home, but his butt was still very sore from what she did. She left some nice marks from the caning (that was something I wasn't expecting). She also sent him home with some of that rubberized ace bandaging (that is used in sports medicine) wrapped around his cock and balls. Very effective. He had a serious case of blue-balls.
After I spanked him we had a long talk. He told me all about the session, but he also told me about the long talk he had with Brianna. She seems like someone I would like to get to know. She told James we should become members of the Black Rose even if we aren't able to come to many meetings. She said that networking and meeting many different types of people in this lifestyle is what we should be doing.

Brianna told James that we need to keep the lines of communication open between us. That yes, I am the dom, and yes I own his c/b, orgasms, etc., but that we should discuss all forms of play before engaging in it. I will consider sending him back to her if I feel he is slipping or hasn't measured up to my expectations.

I had another phone call today. Am doing a third session with Richard tomorrow, and one with Larry on Friday.
Also, I will be meeting with Mistress Jaleen on Wednesday. I’ll write and tell you about that. I'll keep you posted on everything.



This e-mail brings back various memories.

I had met Brianna at the BR-2000 and I sent James to her to be punished. I don’t remember exactly why but I wanted more obedience from him when it came to doing chores and I thought a professional like Brianna could help.

I gave her a list of what I wanted done to him and the main thing was for her to punish him while telling him that as a submissive husband he must do a better job at doing chores around the house. She took things further than I expected and she left stripes on his ass from her cane. She also did some tease and denial play and tied his cock and balls up with a blue rubberized bandage. He had to drive from her dungeon in DC back home (almost 3 hours) with his cock wrapped up like that. His balls were swollen and very sore.

When he got home, I gave him a spanking and made him tell me all about his session. James was very contrite and obedient and I was impressed. I cut the bandage off of him and had him worship my body. I recall that he was very passionate. And his performance in doing chores picked up significantly in the weeks and months that followed. So my idea of sending him to Brianna turned out to be a smashing success.

This e-mail also talks about me doing phone calls. I was pretty much in the swing of things by this time and I was booking clients right and left.

Finally, this e-mail mentions me going to meet Mistress Jaleen. She was a lifestyle Mistress from Maryland that contacted me. She and her husband were seeking another FemDom couple to play with. I met Jaleen for lunch and we felt comfortable with each other so she offered me an invitation to come and visit her and her husband at their home at a future date. I took her up on this and it was a very interesting night, to say the least. I will write about it in a future post.

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