Monday, August 8, 2011

My all-time favorite D/s session

A reader of my bog e-mailed me and asked if I could describe my all-time favorite D/s session. My goodness that’s difficult to say. They’re prone to blend into each other when it comes to memories. I’ve done sessions with clients, I’ve played with other couples, I’ve played with people at ClubFEM and God knows how many wonderful sessions I’ve had with my husband.

In going through old e-mails that I wrote back and forth with Hillary I came across one that jogged my memory of a great session I once had with James. It was so “hot” that I had to share it with Hillary. It was one of those rare sessions when I experienced a total body orgasm. Those who have experienced this know of what I speak. Every so often the stars align and everything comes together during a D&S session. If only that would happen all the time but you never know when it will happen. A session will come to fruition where my dominant energy and James’ submissive energy will fuse together to generate a sexual sonata. It has happened more than once but not often enough to subtract from it being a special and rare experience. 

On this one particular night James and I were at home relaxing in our living room. I looked over at him and I had the urge to dominate him. I had the urge to whip him. Why this happens, I don’t know. I equate it with a woman being in the mood for sex. There are nights when I am in the mood to dominate my husband.

What was special about this night was that James was in the mood to be dominated. I could see it in his face and neither of us had to say a word. I excused myself and exited to the bedroom where I opened my cedar chest to choose my wardrobe. I selected my favorite outfit of leather corset, thigh-high leather boots and long leather gloves. I walked back into the living room, the spiked heels of my boots echoing off the walls as they walked across the hardwood floor. James immediately fell under my spell. I knew from his body language that we were in complete harmony.

I motioned for him to undress, I placed a collar around his neck, I firmly gripped the leash, climbed on his back and gave the leash a firm tug. James crawled on all fours as I rode him to the bedroom. He was primed to be dominated.

I don’t remember all the foreplay that took place. I am sure I had him perform boot worship. We both enjoy it when James worships my boots while they encase my feet and legs. Then I tied him face down on our King-sized poster bed with nylon ropes. I like to make sure he is totally immobile prior to dishing out a good helping of discipline.

In our bedroom, next to my cedar chest is an antique armoire where I keep my whips, paddles and other such gear and apparatus. I opened the armoire so I could have full access to my implements. I don’t recall the order but I began a long, slow and methodical discipline session on my husband. I believe I began with my soft floggers. I started with one as a warm up and graduated to using two at the same time, one in each hand, whipping James’ back and ass with a windmill motion, using both floggers simultaneous.

Next, I believe I chose a riding crop. I like to tease James with the riding crop, running it over his body, giving him a sensual massage with the soft, leather tip, only to catch him unaware by flicking my wrist to send a painful sensation to his ass. I can really get inside his head with the riding crop. He doesn’t know what is coming next, pleasure or pain. I also like to get inside his fantasies by calling him names that stimulates his desires. I might call James names like “my pet”, “my emasculated slut”, “my pussy-whipped hubby” and “my bitch”.

The energy on this particular night was so intense that I had that tingling in my pussy and I was warm all over with sexual fire. When this happens, I will finger my clit while I am whipping James, just enough to tease myself and just enough to bring out more of my passion. I like to moan and groan so James knows that I am turned on. I want him to know that it turns me on to whip him like this.

After a long, sensual session with the riding crop, I believe I went to the more intense implements. Once James is at that certain place I know I can take it up a notch. I worked him over with the tawse. For those unfamiliar with the tawse, it is a thick, hard piece of leather that splits into three parallel tails. It hurts much more than a basic leather paddle. Next, I am pretty sure I went to the dreaded strap. The strap is similar to the tawse but the one I have carries more of a wallop than my tawse. Both are painful and James does not like either one but if I can get him into that certain submissive space, he can endure them.

All of this was merely a warm-up for the cane. My how James hates the cane. He usually cannot take much from the cane. But this night he far exceeded his usual limits. I didn’t draw blood or anything nearly that severe, however I created an artistic creation on James’ ass, a crisscross of lines and stripes and James endured it. His moans and his body language turned me on so much that I had to cease fingering myself because I was on the edge of orgasm.

I held off as long as I could while I continued the slow, methodical work of art on his ass. My body was tingling, my nipples were erect, my pussy was soaking wet, my breathing was laboring, and I knew I could not last any longer.

There was no time to untie James, so I cut the ropes with the emergency scissors I keep on the nightstand whenever I have James bound this tightly. I cut the ropes and rolled him over and straddled his head and rubbed my pussy against his face. James began to lick my clit while I played with my nipples. I felt it coming from deep within my core. It was like hot water coming to a boil on the stove. I thought I was going to faint, it was so intense, and then it happened. I had a total body orgasm that ran from my feet through to my head.

My screams of ecstasy were so loud that I scared James out of his subspace. But just as he began to ease up on his oral servitude, I was able to yell out “Don’t stop!” With that James continued and I had orgasm after orgasm until I collapsed on top of him and rolled onto the bed. I was drained but totally satisfied.

Just writing this makes me wet. I want to do this again, maybe tonight, but that’s the problem. You can’t plan sessions like this. They must happen on their own when those D/s stars are perfectly aligned. Living with your submissive makes this more common but it’s still rare. When it happens it needs to be cherished.

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